Girls, Girls, Girls

Girls, Girls, Girls (с  «Девушки, девушки, девушки») — четвёртый студийный альбом американской глэм-метал-группы Mötley Crüe, выпущенный 15 мая 1987 года.

Girls! Girls! Girls! — студийный альбом Элвиса Пресли, представлявший собой саундтрек к одноимённому фильму с его участием («Девушки! Девушки! Девушки!», вышедшему на экраны в 1962 году).

Несколько дополнительных песен, записанных для фильма, оставались невыпущенными на протяжении долгого времени. Так, песня «Plantation Rock» не выпускалась до 1980-х (актёр Роб Шнайдер, являющийся большим поклонником Элвиса, исполнил эту песню на ток-шоу Late Night with Conan O’Brien в 1996 году). Песня «Mama», вошедшая в альбом-компиляцию «RCA Camden» была выпущена лишь в начале 1970-х, а песня «Dainty Little Moonbeams» только в 1990-х. Песни, исполненные Стеллой Стивенс планируются к обязательному коммерческому выпуску.

«Girls, Girls, Girls» is a single by American heavy metal band Mötley Crüe. It is the first single from the album of the same name, and was released on May 11, 1987.


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Girls, Girls, Girls

Hello and welcome, We are going to tell you everything there is to know about Girls! Girls! Girls!? – All Endings Walkthrough in this guide.

This guide is a spoiler free and help you how to obtain all ending in game.

*Spoiler Free* Tips

Your answers on how you react on your first day will affect the game. So make wise choices!

You don’t have to be nice to everyone if you are going for a specific route. You don’t have to be mean but at the same time you don’t have to accept every offer. (some characters in the game can try and “interrupt” you while you are trying to get a certain ending so if you are not careful, you will get a different ending than you were aiming for)

minor spoiler but important to state that There is one section in the game that Seems RNG based that can affect a persons ending.

on Day 1 you can choose 2 of the 4 girls to watch work during their shifts. after you choose whichever 2 girls you want to watch the game will seemingly randomly pic 1 of the 4 girls to approach the MC. this means if you have a 1/4 (seemingly random) chance to to get the girl you want to interact.

( for example even if you only watch ayase and nanase you can have Sena or hayasaka approach you afterwards)

Save often and make use of those save slots. We got lots of them!

How the Point system works

All the choices in the game give you points towards a character you wanna romance

Accepting Senas tea offer or calling her cute will earn you (+1) for Sena

Talking to Ayase and answering “I like sports” will earn you (+1) on Ayase

If a choice involves multiple characters you get +1 for harem

Example answers include:

Like I could pick a favorite/Your both cute (Ayase and Hayasaka in the mall after day 1)

I could never compete with you girls (talk to Ayase in kitchen)

The only exception is the “Thank both girls” answer for Sena and Ayase (which rewards +2 Harem points)

according to the game code the amount of points needed for each Route is

Nanase: 4 Nanase points

Ayase: 7 Ayase Points

Hayasaka:6 Hayasaka points

sena: 8 Sena points

Harem Route: 5 Harem

For individual endings I will only show the essential answers for each character and avoid bad ending

Nanase Route

What should I do boss?

It was pretty hot (after being flashed)

The next choice is a bit complex & possibly RNG based (as of the Day 1 patch)

No matter which 2 girls you choose here the third interaction will often be random

Nanase route I recommend quicksaving here and restating until you interact with Nanases

Watch Ayase first then Nanase (3rd interaction must be with Nanase)

I’ll take you!

Ayase joins in

If done correctly you shall meet Nanase at the mall

Call Nanase out

Whenever i have time to

Talk to Nanase

Will you cut my hair for me?

Thank both girls to avoid being asked on date

I’m doing everything i can

I’m On my way/ Im the manager

Apologize to Nanase (triggers first Nanase CG)

Let them continue

Its ok, I’m glad you’re alright (spicy dialogue)

Its ok no worries (+1 Ayase)

Thank Ayase (there Should not be a date invitation)

No big deal

Give them a bit longer

Give Nanase a clue and nothing else

Speak with Nanase

(Day of party)

I already like someone

You can come over!(second date)

Ask about breaking in

Let Nanase play / show Nanase whos boss

Nanase is the only character to have both a Sub and Dom scene which changes her personality based on what you choose (Sub Nanase is hot but her dom attitude is amazing)

I knew all along (don’t lie to girls)

Congratulations you are now done with this route “Listen *Insert name here* I know you’re dating Nanase”

Ayase Route

In the arly choices make sure not to get any points with sena and remain neutral

I was actually going there

laugh and nod

Is there anything I can help with?

I’m sorry, Boss. / I’m coming, boss!

I can’t stop laughing(after being flashed)

double check everything

im sorry/im the scapegoat

its kinda hot

laught it off

Ayase route I recommend quicksaving here and restating until you interact with Ayase

Watch Ayase first then Nanase (3rd interaction must be with Ayase)

I totally wasn’t scared!

I’d love to talk to you

I love to play sports (Ayase is the sports/gym type)

If done correctly you shall meet Ayase at the mall

Okay, Thank you

I can never compete with you girls

Sounds like fun (first date triggered)

How’d she started at the cafe (best choice if you wanna avoid being awkward)

Let’s see a maid cafe!

People usually cuddle in bed

Apologize to Hayasaka

I’ll do anything to be a better manager( Avoids Bad ending )

Alright lets go

(Final hayasaka/Nanase Day)

Speak with hayasaka (avoid Bad ending)

Sure, a morning jog sounds great! (second date)

I expect better from my maids

Congratulations you are now done with this route if Kotori should now say “Listen *Insert name here* I know you’re dating Ayase”

Sena Route

(At the Door)

Only if you’ll be serving me

Trust Senas judgment

Im, fine thank you for asking

Sena route I recommend quicksaving here and restating until you interact with Sena

Watch Sena then nanase/ayase (3rd interaction must be with Sena)

It’s nice to see you!

Thanks for worrying about me

If done correctly you shall meet Sena at the mall

I just finished shopping/i was hungry

Not as much as i used to

Talk to Sena

I’m more worried about you.

Of course I’ll go with you (first date triggered)

They don’t look comfortable

Why not give it a try

They’re really good

Alright let’s go

What if we hold hands?

I love it here

Of course i will (second date)

What are you thinking about

The day I met You

Congratulations you are now done with this route if Kotori should now say “Listen *Insert name here* I know you’re dating Sena Kun”

Hayasaka route

One tip is to make sure that you watch Hayasaka after shadowing any other girl, if you shadow Hayasaka, that ” That was mean” option turns into a bad choice that upsets her instead of a funny joke.

Harem Route


– 5 harem points to get the harem ending

– Avoid going on any dates

– Try to get 2-3 max friendly interactions with each character

– It’s important to have the MC be really into Crossdressing and Femboys

There are different ways to enter this route but as long as you get the +5 harem points and don’t go on any dates you’ll get the ending.

Here is my route

The very beginning has a few questions that aren’t really important to the result of the story so here is my recommended choices

I was just going there actually

Greet her politely

Yes/ Smile and nod

The goal is to be nice yet not entirely pick sides with any girl

Now comes the first big choice: Shadowing!

its a secret

After Nanase flashes, you answer

That was pretty hot(+1 perversion)

I believe The Cafe owners phone call in irrelevant no matter what you choose but i always choose

I’m sorry / So I’m the scapegoat

When returning home and opening the box

This is kinda hot (+1 perversion)

Next day you will return to cafe

I was just feeling a little out of it (nice interaction & doesn’t push her away)

Intervine (+1 hayasaka)

The next choice is a bit complex & possibly RNG based (potentially Based on the characters personality not 100% confirmed)

Watch Sena first then watch Hayasaka (+1 on Sena/Hayasaka)

Ideally next you aimt to interact with hayasaka next(keep reloading save if needed)

That’s wasn’t nice./ You’d make an excellent writer (if Hayasaka interaction)

accept the Tea(+1 Sena)

Next you should be meeting Hayasaka & and then later Sena at the mall

Where do you like to go

You’re both cute. (ESSENTIAL +1 harem point 1/5)

Whenever I have time (possibly +1 on ayase no confirmed yet)

Talk to Ayase (Essential)

I could never compete with you girls (+1 harem Points 2/5)

Thank both girls (+2 Harem points!!!! 4/5)

I’m doing everything I can / I’m on my way

I’m the manager

Apologize to Hayasaka (essential to avoid bad ending)

Call it a day (avoiding the Hayasaka route by not getting to close)

Let them continue their conversation

(Waking up Nanase)

Having a few interactions with the other 3 girls we need to interact directly with Nanase Next so

Avoid taking Anyone with you to Nanase apartment

No i need you here

It’s ok. i’m glad you’re alright (+1 on Nanase)

Thank Ayase (+1 on Ayase)

No big deal (Don’t anger Hayasaka)

Give them a bit longer (give them space)

Give Nanase a clue and nothing else (good interaction)

(Work party Day)

I got plenty of girls already. (+1 Harem 5/5)

The girls probably miss work as well(+1 Harem 6/5)

I knew all along (Don’t lie to the girls!)

If everything has been done correctly there SHOULD NOT be any invitation for a date and you’ve met all the requirements for the Harem ending

You’ll meet Kotori on Closing day and at the park she will state

“Listen *Insert name here* I know you really love ALL THE GIRLS at the Cafe”

The name changes based on which ending you achieved

The final Harem CG will unlock after concert day

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